The two firms are partners in a contract to construct a new power station. Lauren opened the design studio along with her business associate Myra. A associate is also considered one of two people who dance collectively or who play a sport or a game collectively, esp. after they play as a group. They partnered with a British enterprise capital firm and formed Armada Skis.

How To Use Partner In A Sentence

And after they do, it’s useful to decide on a time to talk through issues, based on Grody. “If you start to have a fight, say, ‘Let’s pick it up this evening, or one other time when there’s time to discuss issues,’” she says.

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Reasons Small Businesses Should Partner With A Charity

“I am actually excited to partner with Enstrom Candies,” explained Cook. We might companion with other firms and people with respect to specific services or products. We’re proud to be one of many first firms to partner with Leap Motion.

Synonyms For Partner

Univalor is actively in search of a license settlement with a companion that may commercialize the technology. An perfect oil for on a regular basis use, for self-therapeutic massage or with a partner. The New Brunswick CBSC established a satellite office with a associate website in Shediac. If you decide a portion of products or services your business sells will go to a particular charity, it’s likely that charity will assist you to market those merchandise. Charities can amplify your own marketing campaigns by targeting their members, which may total within the 1000’s and even hundreds of thousands in revenue, with promotions in your services or products that may profit the charity. This is a straightforward, price effective way for small businesses to get their name on the market and reap the benefits of a large group’s present infrastructure to spice up their own advertising efforts. Your sparring associate in at present’s debate shall be Simon Wilson.

Partners listen to each other, compromise and work toward enhancing the dynamics of the connection. It can even mean we’re invested in the relationship. But again, be careful should you’re preventing so much together with your vital other. Make sure fights don’t come from malicious intent or for variations in life philosophy, rather than differences in ideas.

Boyfriends and girlfriends fight and this leads to breakups. Partners fight and this results in enhancements within the relationship. Partners are in it for the long haul, and are just as pleased to say “I love you” first as they are to hear the words come out of your mouth.

A companion also kisses you in the course of the night time. A companion is always supportive and can assist you to by way of the highs and lows of your training and career. If he is too busy to talk, he’ll be direct and not maintain you waiting. If he is out with his family or pals, he’ll let you know ahead of time or give you extra consideration once he is home. Even when you’re previous the honeymoon part and not essentially chatting daily, you can all the time rely on your partner to choose up the cellphone.

Using Partner And Other Inclusive Language Raises Awareness That We Still Have Much Progress To Make

Work with a partner to create a task play based on the scenario you’ve been given. Jane and Dave played tennis with John and his companion, Mary. John dances well, and Mary likes to be his partner in the waltz. letting them know you’ll be home soon—it’ll send with one button press, saving you typing time. a person who shares or is associated with one other in some motion or endeavor; sharer; associate.

  • Jane and Dave played tennis with John and his partner, Mary.
  • Your sparring associate in right now’s debate will be Simon Wilson.
  • Work with a companion to create a job play based mostly on the scenario you’ve been given.

The spectator turns into a associate with whom the dancer constructs an image-primarily based itinerary. Awaken all of the senses of your associate with this attractive nightie Lamia. Founder and CEO Nitin Gupta is happy to companion with the Intel. For example, we at present companion with TeamViewer for the distant access product. This is as a result of most car donation programs partner with mechanics and different car consultants. Reveal your charms at your associate with this stunning string Cocardina of Obsessive model. Surprise your companion with this really sensual costume of stewardess.


He’s more durable than you’re used to, however he’ll help your skills improve. Someone who’s closely related or concerned with a business or corporation, sometimes via financial funding, in order to share in its dangers and rewards without collaborating in its day-to-day operations and management. We’re partnering up with GlobalTech to create a brand new line of Wi-Fi-enabled house home equipment. Oftentimes, intentionally utilizing inclusive language, like saying partner as an alternative of boyfriend/girlfriend, will create an opportunity for a discussion about why you utilize such language. As I talked about earlier than, this occurs to me very often. When a question like that is requested, an educational alternative is offered.